SCCP: Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and Personal Protection

Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions is the premier specialist in surveillance, counter surveillance, personal protection and covert and overt security solutions. These exclusive products are supplied throughout the world to a variety of sectors including government; security companies and corporate businesses.

Since our inceptions we have quickly developed a renowned and trusted reputation and have quickly become the go-to protection specialists of choice. We are known for providing dedicated protection of the press in conflicted, dangerous and unpredictable zones throughout the world. We have provided services throughout Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Europe.

Protective Clothing

Blue Thistle provides a comprehensive range of proven protective clothing. We are proud to be the sole agent and representative of Bladerunner Clothing. The jackets, gloves and hooded tops that are provided by this company are lined with ‘Aramid Fibre.’ These fibres will protect a person against blades and knives. Essentially this specialised clothing is slash proof. Other protective clothing that we offer includes NBC suits and body armour.

Covert Cameras

Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions is proud to have a comprehensive range of covert body worn cameras. These cameras can be hidden inside everyday items, from buttons to books. These covert cameras are ideal for undercover operations. With colour recording, time stamps and audio (even functioning in low light conditions), these cameras are highly advanced. Another covert product that we provide is covert voice recorders. These, like the cameras, can be hidden from sight.